Scrum Master Role is Easy!!!

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


Punita Dave


  1. Too much collaboration!
    03 Aug, 2017
    Too much collaboration!
    I am working with a client for past 9-10 months. As soon as I started, I noticed knowledge and information silos and utter lack of team spirit in multiple teams. Even within a team under the same manager, members did not know what the other member did. With the team that I started working with, my first instinct was to get the team to create a product backlog. With each member working on 20 different things, everyone was pulled in multiple directions at the same time and subsequently
  2. CI & CD is here. Who wants Scrum?
    12 Nov, 2016
    CI & CD is here. Who wants Scrum?
    Do Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment replace Scrum?
  3. Agile, Break Free!
    18 Oct, 2016
    Agile, Break Free!
    I still remember the days when Development team built a functionality. QA did not know anything about the functionality, and tried to test it. Bugs were found late in the game. Development and Product Management did not collaborate on what functionality to build? Product Management provided Product requirements document, which was a contract to measure success of the Development and QA teams. Product Development sometimes drove the requirements, and sometimes was a recipient of the
  4. Team and Leadership together - Agile Tree
    01 Oct, 2016
    Team and Leadership together - Agile Tree
    Agile is for teams, not senior management!
  5. Agile's weakness!!
    30 Aug, 2016
    Agile's weakness!!
    A weakness or a strength?
  6. Scrum Master
    10 Aug, 2016
    Scrum Master
    Change in Impediment Removal